Who are we?

Qwertize is a young innovative company based in Paris specialized in native advertising. Created in 2015 our company has been extending to the world, always aiming to improve our editors’ experience while offering the best optimization possibilities.

Our Job : Raise prices

Discover how Qwertize obtains better eCPM than a classic solution

What is Native ?

Native means additional content in perfect harmony with the configuration of your website. It generates a previously unexploited source of revenue. These formats are adopted by almost all major media websites as they offer additional content and are an excellent way to monetize the mobile traffic without competing with your current solution.

Desktop Format

The Side Format

  • The Side format fills up the unused space of your main menu by bringing additional content and revenues.
  • view the format

The content at the bottom of the page

  • The content at the bottom of the page provides additional custom-made paid content
  • view the format

Other formats : contact us

Mobile Format

Fixed Footer

  • The classic sponsored content at the bottom of the page is also available on mobile and tablet.
  • The format does not compete with your current advertisers and offers very attractive revenues.
  • The format is adapted to your design.

Exit Mobile Footer

  • The ads are displayed only when the user scrolls up to leave the website
  • Offering additional content that may interest the viewers
  • Adopted by many major media websites
  • view the format

Format reserved exclusively for our partners as a complementary format in addition to a fixed format.

Why choose to go with Native ?

  • Additional revenues on unused areas of the website, without competing with your current banners
  • The formats are adopted by almost all major media websites and appreciated by users.
  • A format adapted to your graphic charter.
  • A fill rate that nearly reaches 100% all around the world.

Why choose Qwertize ?

  • Today 80% of the traffic comes from the mobile ! We need a real solution

    At Qwertize, we offer multiple solutions to optimally monetize the mobile version that are approved by the largest media websites. We have tripled the revenues of some of our editors without using interstitials or other intrusive formats.
  • On a global scale, 30 to 60% of Internet users have adblocker.

    At Qwertize, we can reactivate the ads blocked by Adblock and monetize the users who previously blocked the ads with interesting sponsored content.

  • The ads we displayed were of low quality.

    At Qwertize, we have a team which approves every campaign before broadcasting it. Our team created a quality filter in order to double check the ads and always respect the editorial policy of your website.
  • Our old agency was always unreachable.

    At Qwertize, we work with our publishers like our competitors work with their top 100 websites. We try to be available and to monitor our partners in the most efficient way.

3 Questions to ask yourself


What device your users use the most?

Is it the mobile device? Is the traffic more than 40% ? If yes, it is time to put in place a solution that really pays off !
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What is your share of Adblock traffic ?

Depending on the country, it varies between 30 and 60%. Would you like to monetize these users again?
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Are you satisfied with the quality of service at your current agency?

Let's set up a real quality partnership right now.
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